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It’s never too late to visit beautiful, tropical Bali. Old, young and in-between, this ancient island with it’s beautiful soul makes unforgettably great memories for honeymoons, family holidays or a solo trip. Once you’re here, there’s so much to do and explore, and everyone’s got an opinion. We’re rounding up our ideas on Adventure, Food and Self Love in this post and shedding light on fun things to do that go beyond an Instagram selfie tour of the iconic spots.


Adventure comes in many forms in Bali. From days on the beach spent surfing the waves to exhilarating moments swinging over lush green valleys, participating in a temple ceremony or simply touring sun-set spots, there’s so much to do for every age here in Bali.  We’re sure you’ll thoroughly enjoy the activities the island has to offer.

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Bali as the tourism epicentre of the Indonesian archipeligo is a melting pot of so many cultures. Combined with the allure of the Bali life for the world’s creative types, Chefs settling here have not only brought their own food, but mixed it with local influence and created a truely unique food scene in Bali. Naturally then, the food choices are abundant. Add to this, changing global perceptions of food and diet and the can do attitude of the locals you can find so many choices just a short walk from Chandra.  Indulge in traditional Indonesian cuisine prepared lovingly by locals at warungs or in high-end restaurants, authentic pizza and pasta under starlit skies, a filet mignon cooked to perfection in a French restaurant, or a freshly brewed coffee and smoothie bowl at a health café.

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Villa Stays

Its said by our friends, “Stay one night in a villa and you’ll never stay in a hotel again”, and we’re sure they’re talking about Bali!  A villa stay provides all the privacy, space and comfort that you’re used to at home, but with a full staff attending to your every whim.  It really is all about you. If you picture yourself in stunning Bali floating in your private pool under crooked Frangipani branches, do yourself a favour and book a private villa in the most happening part of town, Seminyak. At Chandra Bali Villas, you’re ensured privacy, epic amenities and diligent staff that will go out of their way to ensure you enjoy your stay.

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The land of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ is calling with its lush emerald rice terraces and swaying palm branches. You will melt into the kaleidoscope of culture and traditional activities that make this stunning island so unique. There’s nothing like taking long relaxing breaths in the midst of a lush field while stretching out your body in calming and rejuvenating yoga poses, or surrendering to a long massage. If your idea of self-love is more active, cycle through fields to the local farmer’s market to gather ingredients for your cooking class or meet a new tribe on retreat. Bali is a great place to clear your mind and reset your thinking before shopping for sustainable, hand-made products like bags made from bamboo, cloth and rattan.