Private Pools

A private haven just for you

Over Water Villas are luxurious homes bundled with opulent amenities. Each of our villas is embellished with a private azure pool and a lawn beautified with lush greenery. Our tranquil pools are a vivid illusion of shimmering lakes making them a statement element of Over Water Villas. Moreover our villas offer a breathtaking view of the elegantly landscaped garden that will touch the romantic in you.

Personalized Service

In the radiance of the mornings or cool cheery evenings, our poolside is the perfect therapy for a break from routine. Our pools are surrounded by equally inviting sunbeds, sit-outs and pristine gardens creating a heavenly ambience. Set your mind and body free while you take a refreshing dive into the pool or simply lay on the sunbeds with a book and drink in hand.

Our dedicated villa attendants are available to serve you all day. Luxuriate while we serve your meals wherever you like in your plush private villa. The pool and garden area is also a perfect location to host a private pool party. You can also call for a barbeque night, floating breakfast or a floating fruit platter that you can adore while you float in your private pool. Our villa attendants will be happy to make essential arrangements on your request.

Pool Float Rental

While you seek seclusion in your private blue vista, you can also lounge comfortably on the pool floats, soaking up the sun. Pool floats will be available throughout your stay at our villa premises. You can get in touch with your villa attendant to help you with the ideal float size as per your specifications. Your kids will definitely love their pool time with these floaties. Moreover, you can also have a fun-filled pool party with your guests fancying a drink while they stay afloat.

Over Water Villas offers everything you require for over the top holidays under the Goan sun and stars. Our highly skilled team at Over Water Villas have hand-picked authentic elements and amenities to affirm you have the best living in luxury experience at your lavish and stylish paradise. Your private villa with an exclusive personal pool is all you need to escape from your hectic city life.

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